Harmony Woods Ecovillage and Intentional Community forming near Chattanooga TN.

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Harmony Woods is a forming ecovillage on 13 acres of beautiful rural land outside of Chattanooga TN, focused on the values of sustainability, 
land stewardship, conservation/minimalism, local resource use, cooperation/interdependence, education and freedom of expression. We aspire to be an example of how humans can live in harmony with the earth as opposed to the current model of destruction of and fighting against nature.

Why here?

There are so many reasons this perfect property was chosen. Proximity to a big city, as well as less restrictive zoning and building codes, breathtaking natural beauty, favorable conditions for gardening and much more. You really need to see it to believe it. 
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Natural beauty
Outdoor activities
Moderate climate
Abundant rainfall
Excellent soil
Low cost of living
Less restrictive zoning and building codes
20 minutes to Chattanooga TN
We are looking for open-minded, non-dogmatic , non-judgmental souls who share our values and are committed to the difficult work of transitioning to a life of authentic community

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